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The Spheres

diguel spheres are art objects for the home and special events: some call them Christmas balls but their charm and ability to fill spaces, enhancing harmonies and colors, make them real design creations that embellish and enhance your taste.

Elvira di Guglielmo has always loved painting glass and after creating a special collection of olive oil bottles exported all over the world, she chose the mouth-blown glass of Soffieria de Carlini for these unique objects: on the occasion of Christmas, every year, he creates a new sphere that is added to the collection, created in 2000, and which feeds on the inspirations of that moment and his artistic and personal growth. diguel spheres are so-called because they “absorb” the name of their creator: DI GUglielmo ELvira.

The spheres are magical objects: through the play of lights and diguel decorations you can observe the essence of creativity on their surface and let yourself be involved and lead to focus on all the beautiful things you want to make happen in your life and in that of those you love.

Here, giving a diguel sphere becomes not only a good luck practice but also a way to support the artistic flair that resides in each of us!