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The Artist



Elvira di Guglielmo was born in Foggia in 1959: she grows up in a family where the strongest values are respect and love for others and a sense of tradition.

She inherits from her passion for color, beauty and style from Aunt Liliana who with ingenious taste and flair, created clothes full of beauty colors for the members of her family.
Creating with your hands: just like your aunt, Elvira also discovers that she has the gift of transforming objects into art and design.

As a girl she would have liked to have a “designer” dress but since she couldn’t afford it, thanks to her creativity she transforms clothes taken at the market into truly unique models.

Determined to transform her passion into work, she embarked on a stylist course and in the meantime she attended the Art school of Foggia to deepen and develop her artistic talent.

It is at the Academy of Fine Arts that Elvira discovers the “pictorial techniques”, so similar to her nature and with which she manages to express her ideas.
Elvira now lives in Montesilvano where – after experimenting with many materials – she discovered color on glass as a complete form of artistic expression.

This is why, in 2000, she founded diguel (DI Guglielmo Elvira) which produces hand-decorated spheres, which someone calls “Christmas balls” but which she declines in a thousand shades of design, for occasion, taste and furnishings. The idea was born as an evolution of decorative work on bottles.

Every year, near Christmas, Elvira creates a unique and dedicated collection, in which each sphere represents a moment of inspiration that the artist lives when he creates it.


…and the line chases the color
and together they become an instrument of geometry,
while in the transparency of the glass
the gold and the nostalgia of the ancient east shine.

Giulia Basile

Giulia Basile

Our Elvira di Guglielmo is a dynamic and creative artist […]. In her research, the simultaneous contrast of the chosen decorative motif is evident, in the various expressions […] which inevitably seems to have underlined the delicate and harmonious profile, taking up various geometrical and imaginative motifs.

Giuseppe Di Zanni

Giuseppe Di Zanni